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Vintage Antique Furniture Melbourne

Who doesn't like having vintage antique furniture in their home? These timely assets can significantly enhance the value and luxury of your home.

Antique Is Forever Classy & Elegant

Vintage Antique Furniture are of utmost importance to us. More than just carrying a particular ancient charm, they exude vestiges of a history and culture. This is why our experts at Lord's Antiques are passionate about restoring and preserving your vintage treasures. No matter how difficult the challenge may be, they can undertake any type of restoring task. We have been operating since 1983 and you can trust us with your collectible. Feel free to give us a call today itself or drop by our showroom. Our assistants are readily available to assist you and give you further advice or information.

Lord's Antiques offers its services to inhabitants of Melbourne and its surrounding area. Contact us  now to get yours restored, polished or repaired.

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