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French Polishing Doncaster

The secret to having all eyes on your furniture is getting your French polishing done. They can considerably highlight the aesthetics of your home.

We Make The Lustre Of Your Furniture Stand Out

French Polishing is one of the most prized wood finishing technique when it comes to furniture. In this process, one particular type of resin, Shellac is dissolved in alcohol and several coats of this mixture is then applied to the surface of the furniture. The end result of this is that it lends a high gloss surface to your furniture. It is also known to be softer than contemporary varnishes and lacquers. You can rely on our professional team, here at Lord's Antiques to make your asset become a wonder.

Lord's Antiques is your leading expert when it comes to French polishing. Feel free to give them a call if you are currently based in the vicinity of Doncaster.

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